Zosia Mamet

Meet Zosia Mamet, the actress from Girls, and The flight attendant. Who’s been a horse girl since she was three. We talk about why she thinks the equestrian world needs a breath of fresh air, how she balances her busy working schedule with riding, and of course about her horse Ten, how did she get that name?

Can you tell us a bit about how you started riding? 

– My parents brought me along with my sister to the barn when I was three, and she was like; horses, “yeah they’re cool”. There are photos of me when I was there standing in front of a horse and you could see “she’s gone, like she’s totally a goner”. I just found it wherever I went, I rode at a barn. I ended up getting a horse when I was 13, named Lucy. I had her into my early 20’s when I moved back to New York for Girls. I was working so much, and when I wasn’t working I did press all the time. After some time I just felt this emptiness inside of me, and I thought  “I need to start riding again”.

"Ten came into my life about a year and a half ago, she’s this magical unicorn”

How did you know Ten was the one?

– My horse Ten was sort of an accident. And she was actually one of the greatest blessings during covid for me, like a real silver lining. My trainer was going to a sales barn to look for another client, and she asked me if I wanted to come along. So I went with zero intention, like truly none. Then I saw her looking all pretty in her stall. I asked “can I just hop on her, you know just for fun?”. And I just knew, something in my heart told me “this is your forever-horse”. It’s sort of like when they say you meet the person you’re gonna fall in love with. 

How did Ten get her name?

– Her name is Ten, because they name them at that barn after the number of the stall they are in. There was literally someone there asking “what’s happening with that dapple grey and I was like “She’s taken” she says with a loud voice. I sent my husband a photo of her;

– “why are you sending me a photo of a random horse?”

– “well I’m kind of thinking of getting her”.

“My barn feels like a family and a team. I love that aspect of being a horse woman almost as much as I love the actual riding. To me it’s all part of it.”


Have you always had the confidence you have now when riding?

– I’ve always had trainers who had that magical mixture between pushing you and giving you positive reinforcement. The reason that I’ve had self confidence is that I take my bad days as a learning experience. And as an inspiration to try harder. My trainer says this to me on the bad days; “look, you’re riding a wild animal that has its own opinions and feelings and thoughts.” It’s a hard sport and that’s easy to forget.

How many hours a day do you normally spend at the barn?

– So many, I call it barn-time. It seems slower than the rest of the world, I can not tell you how many times I’ve looked at my watch and go; “I thought it was like noon, where did the time go??” My barn is very nice but we all are super hard workers and we all really contribute. I’ve always been to barns where we handled our own horses.

How do you find the time to balance horselife with work, do you have any life hacks? 

– Yesterday I was supposed to go out for a hack, but I ended up getting stuck by my computer all day. Sometimes work gets in the way and it’s just a balance. The flight attendant was filmed in New York, so I was still able to keep riding as much as before which was great. The fact that I have Ten in my life just makes me feel so exceptionally lucky.

For acting, I show up prepared and on time, it’s the same thing when I ride, I have my gear on, I’m ready to go. I love that the two big things I do in my life are so similar and constantly teaching about the other one.

"Ten is brave as any, she will jump anything I point her at, even if it were my trainer's truck she would be like; ok"

If Ten was an actor in Girls, which character would she be?

– I don’t know, we might have to create a new character for her. She’s just really silly. I'm convinced that she sees dead people, she’ll stop and just stare at nothing, literally in the air. She has an amazing work ethic, she loves her job.

What has Ten taught you about life?

– Since we started from scratch she has taught me so much about patience, not only to have patience with her, but also with myself. In life It’s easy for me to get down on myself if I don't accomplish something the way I wanted to, or in the timeframe I had allotted. The way we want things to go, or happen, might not always be the way they end up, but in the end sometimes that’s even better.

How would you describe your style, in and outside of the stable?

– The background of Yagya is very interesting. The horseworld is so rooted in history, and has such a classic aspect to it, which is great. That’s something so many riders love, but certain things do feel kind of stuffy. Particularly for this generation of horse girls that are in their 20’s or 30’s. They want something that feels a bit more elevated, a little more new, that’s still classic and chic but just has a breath of fresh air, and you guys just like nailed that. I’m like “That's exactly what we’ve been talking about!!” [excited]


– My style at the stable is actually one of the reasons I was so drawn to you guys stuff, I buy mostly what is the most useful. “What is gonna be warm, fit me right, be comfortable and is easy to wash?”. I haven't found anything that’s super stylish in that regard. My style at the stable is pretty simple and straightforward. And it’s a bit utilitary. That’s why I was so excited to find you guys, because oh, this is what I’ve been wanting, something that’s gonna feel good when I’m riding, it’s gonna be easy to care for, but it is also super chic.


– I’m a pretty simple girl, in the winter it’s jeans, sweater, boots and a warm jacket, and in the summer jean shorts and a t-shirt normally. I’m big on comfort, that’s like a huge thing for me. I think it has a lot to do with that (obviously before covid), so much of my job had to do with showing up at events and premiers, promoting my work and having to wear really fancy stuff.