Shane Arthur Nathan

Meet Shane Arthur Nathan, the 26 year old, “Horse girl & Harvard student”, as he describes himself. He talks about the journey to finally finding the horse of his dreams, Yde [Eeda]. His style, which is inspired by Korean street wear, and why he wears a cashmere sweater to the barn. We also talk about Viola Davis, Skittles and watermelon, which all relates to the equestrian world, believe it or not.

What's your and Ydes story together?

– I always believed in “if it's meant to be it will happen”.

It’s a long story, He was first up for sale and he wasn't. And then all of sudden he appeared into my life again. Even though I was mentally ready for him, I still wasn’t physically ready. I didn’t have enough money to pay for him at the time. I called my mom who helped out with these words; “I’ll buy him for you but that’s it, after that you’re on your own”, she said. And now here we are.

“I was obsessed with horses, I had paintings on my wall, I had all the books, oh my god”

What’s it like being a guy in the equestrian world?

– Being a male rider when you are around other riders is not a big deal, no one thinks of it differently, you’re just kind of there. I think it’s harder for guys to make friends in the equestrian world. But luckily for me I am gay, so I think I have a lot of kinship with other women, they don’t find me threatening. I wish for more male riders, I think the biggest reason for that is the relentless bullying. When I was growing up I was so embarrassed to wear my riding clothes anywhere public. Now as a fully formed adult who doesn’t give a shit, I wear my breaches on the plane, I wear my tall boots, I’ve worn them as fashion, I've worn breeches and tall boots out  to a club with like a really cool long coat.

“I think the coolest thing about friesians that I have not experienced with other horses throughout my 20 years riding, is how loyal they are to their owner.”


If Yde was an actor, which actor would he be?

– Someone who is really chill and drop dead gorgeous? I would say Viola Davis, because when there is time to be calm in a scene, she could still be calm, but captivating.

What’s his favorite snack at the moment?

– Recently it’s been watermelon, and he loves skittles. I’m afraid if I gave him a sour one he would never trust me again so just the normal ones, Shane says while laughing.

"Sometimes I wear cashmere to the stable. I'm not fucking around here"

How would you describe your style, from street to stable?


– I get a lot of inspiration right now from Korean street wear, I love that everything swallows them whole, I love a big pleated pant, I love anything oversized. I love the clothes wearing me actually, you know, everyone talks about you wearing the clothes.


– A lot of people have their barn clothes and their normal life clothes. I am not that person, I will wear my nicest things at the barn. Solely because I have the nicest horse! In fact on normal riding day I’m in full regalia. You can find me in a double breasted blazer, with a nice turtleneck underneath. By the way it’s made of cashmere, I’m not fucking around here.