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5 Reasons Why To Try Yagya

1. Get the lift you want and the support you need.

Our compression breeches function as shapewear, providing lift and support during each ride. Crafted from premium Italian jersey, these breeches offer the perfect amount of compression to reduce muscle fatigue and promote a quicker recovery.

2. A riding breech for people who don’t like to wear breeches.

Comfort is a must for long hours in the barn. Our riding breeches are all made from a soft, supportive material that combines lycra and microfibres, designed to adapt to your body's movements.

3. Worn by top athletes, internationally.

The frequent use of our Compression riding breeches in the show ring is no coincidence. These breeches are meticulously crafted with minimal seams, a timeless design, and just the right amount of grip, making them the ideal choice for achieving optimal performance.

4. They keep you cool, comfortable, and dry throughout your rides.

Experience all-day comfort and coolness in our riding breeches. Crafted from breathable Italian jersey fabric, these breeches allow air to circulate between the fibers for natural temperature regulation and a refreshing cooling effect.

5. A breech for everyone.

Elevate your equestrian wardrobe with our high-rise breeches that exude elegance. Choose between our Performance breeches for a timeless look or our Pull-On Compression riding breeches for a supple and comfortable feel that make you feel barely there.