About Yagya

All About The Rider's High

6000 years ago, humans tamed the first wild horse. Ever since then, a unique relationship has been formed between humans and horses. 

At Yagya, our aim is for more people to experience that bond. 
A bond which we call; The Rider’s High. The Rider’s High is that euphoric but etheric state of mind when all that matters is the connection between you and your horse. 

Every rider has felt it. And it is what makes the early mornings and late nights all year around worth it. Being a rider changes how you eat, think and sleep. Some might call it an obsession, we think it’s a lifestyle.

Products with a Purpose

At Yagya we provide you with the gear that takes you from street to stable. 

We don’t believe in short cuts or fast fashion. 

Instead, we do; Conscious Production. Limited units. In the most technical fabrics. Resulting in the highest quality. 

We only release products that serve a purpose and are better than what’s currently offered on the market. 

Every product is being prototyped in our atelier in Stockholm. We evaluate, refine and redesign in order to create the best technical riding apparel out there to support your every ride. 

Some might call it a new generation of riding wear.

We call it Yagya.