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For the modern rider

All Yagya products are engineered with the modern rider in mind. Tailored to fit the high demands of the equestrian lifestyle, beautiful enough to be worn outside the stable.

Each Yagya piece is the result of a collaboration between our design team at Yagya HQ in Stockholm, Sweden and our carefully selected partners such as suppliers, pattern designers, knitting factories, ateliers and competitive riders all over the world. The goal is to bring a new approach to riding by truly combining function and fashion. 

Discover rider essentials such as tailored riding breeches as well as accessories like bags and hats, specially made for riding. All of which consists of carefully selected materials. Primarily sourced from Portugal and Italy, recycled when possible and made to last for a very long time.

A perfect fit

"Many of the products are developed with double ways of wearing them. Such as our products Double Up Stable Jacket that is reversible and Carry on Belt Bag. A perfect fit and awesome quality was a big focus and that the products would feel modern, desirable and but also work outside the stable.

The process of creating a whole new riding look, building a base of different silhouettes, materials and a color scheme has been incredibly fun. Then there is always something extra to work with products and trims of such high quality and long durability."

– Emmy Andersson, Lead Designer på Yagya

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