Yagya Fashion Portraits 

Madison Monroe

Get inspired and influenced by our own Yagya muse: Madison Monroe. The rider who goes straight from the barn to happy hour, truly loves the color green and always have the most memorable moments together with her beloved Moonshine.


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Compression Performance Breeches Burgundy
Compression Pull-On Breeches Green


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What is your favorite memory from the stable?

This is like asking your favorite song but worse. Once again, I've gotta say that my favorite stable memories all revolve around Moonshine. I've had him for about 13 years now and I truly can't separate the stable from him. After all of the medical trauma we've both been through over the past couple of years it's brought me to recognize that the small little moments matter so much more to me than the blue ribbons. If I had to choose a memory outside of Moonshine I would have to say the schooling shows my barn mate Sam and I have been to together. The horse world can be emotionally tumultuous and to have someone you know 100% has your back and cares about you and your horse as their own means the world. On a more surface level note, nothing tastes as good as a post show mimosa.

What inspires you in the stable?

Moonshine. While this may seem like a cliche answer to some, it is nothing but the truth for me. The past two years have been a disturbing roller coaster for everyone across the globe, and while Covid obviously wasn't an issue for Moonie, he went through a deadly couple of health scares. He survived an acute colitis episode in the beginning of 2021, and soon after needed to have something removed from one of his sinus cavities- resulting in skull surgery. Through the entire process, and it was about a year and a half start to finish, he showed nothing but hope and resilience, and I swore to never give up on him as long as he had that light in his eyes. Now he lives his best quality of life he ever has, on a beautiful property with gorgeous rolling hills and all the grass he can fit in his mouth ( which is a lot for the record ). He's living proof that things do get better, and while the process was abysmal, I'm grateful to have been with him every step of the way, and made it out to the other side. 

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''He's living proof that things do get better''


Do you have any favorite piece that you like to have in the stable?

I'm sure this is going to seem like a shameless promo, but genuinely I have never found a pair of breeches I enjoy wearing more than Yagya's compression riding breeches. I'm a huge fan of compression clothing in general at the barn. In the summer, the last thing I want is something oversized and inconsistently laying on my skin, and in the winter they're a perfect base layer. Other than that I've gotta it's a close secron between my Ariat Kinsley Dressage boots and a simple claw hair clip. Those boots are truly gloves at this point, and the only thing that makes my helmet hair acceptable to wear in public is my ride-or-die claw clip.

From the barn to happy hour

Taking my taupe set straight from the barn to the bar for Happy Hour, in true Adult Ammy fashion. I'm a massive fan of neutrals, and a set in this tone is too perfect to layer with anything else. Plus, the incredible comfortability of the material makes it too easy to hit a happy hour after a lesson to celebrate (or decompress from those down rails).


A monochrome look is the base

Those who know me know my favorite color is green. I had a phase where I essentially made it a personality trait (embarrassing, I know). Needless to say this green midlayer will never be leaving my body. Above all, I love a monochrome look. It allows for a seamless base to layer to be built upon and is conducive to individuality through both under and over layers as well as accessories.