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The Lightweight Long Sleeve

Discover Yagya's latest and lightest addition of riding tops.

Where unparalleled breathability fuses with a seamless, sleek design.

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Crafted with elegance, our Lightweight Long Sleeve boasts a refined design. Its slim silhouette, accentuated by a stylish mock neck and subtly twisted front seams, offers a sleek and sophisticated look that transcends the saddle.

This garment is constructed from an advanced, ultra-light iteration of our premium Italian Jersey fabric, designed for unmatched breathability and flexibility. As the lightest piece in our collection, it serves as the perfect base layer for any rider, blending elegance with practicality.
"Our design team has meticulously engineered the Lightweight Long Sleeve with a guiding ethos focused on achieving a fit that not only follows but enhances the body's natural flow of movement. This effort aimed to produce a garment akin to a second skin, yet advancing the standard of 'perfect fit' through a harmonious blend of an ultra-light sensation and a silhouette that compliments," the team explains.

The garment's design precisely contours the body, crafted with the intent to support and elevate the rider's natural movements, promoting freedom and ease during even the most demanding rides. "It's a piece crafted to redefine the essence of 'fitting like a glove,' merging an almost weightless feel with a design that flatters," the team adds, emphasizing the garment's unique blend of innovation and style.
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• Ultra-Light Italian Fabric: Feather-light for supreme comfort.

•Unparalleled Breathability: Natural temperature regulation.

•Sun Safety Integrated: Built-in SPF50 protection.

•Rider-Designed: Freedom and breathability tailored for riders.

•Seamless Form-Hugging Fit: Flattering, twisted seams contour perfectly.

• Feather light: Extremely lightweight fabric

Experience seamless lightweight support.