<p>The Evolution of a Logo: A Conversation with Print Designer Florentin Bodet</p> hero image

The Evolution of a Logo: A Conversation with Print Designer Florentin Bodet

6:00pm GMT+2, Stockholm, Sweden.

In the world of design, the journey behind creating a logo often holds as much intrigue as the final design itself. This was certainly the case with the new logotype print for Yagya, crafted by the Florentin Bodet of Ettore Studio. We caught up with Bodet to delve into his design philosophy, his collaboration with Yagya, and the intricate process of giving the brand's logo a contemporary yet timeless makeover.

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Growing up amidst the beauty of the French countryside, Florentin Bodet was deeply influenced by nature's beauty, his adventurous skateboarding outings, and the creative sessions he shared with his father. These formative experiences propelled him towards a career in design, leading to the establishment of Ettorie Studio. There, Bodet combines his love for drawing and expert craftsmanship with the world of fashion, creating distinctive print collections and tailored projects.

At the heart of Bodet's new logotype for Yagya was the challenge of paying homage to Yagya's original logo while propelling the brand into the future. Inspired by equestrian gear's practical elegance, he reimagined the logo, intertwining the essential letters Y and A with a redesigned G that mirrors the form of chains. This crafted an emblem that stands at the intersection of tradition and modernity, while beautifully encapsulating Yagya's heritage.

"The creative challenge was melding elegance with impact."

Transitioning from the serif font’s classic elegance to a more striking presentation proved to be a delicate balance. Bodet's approach focused on magnification and meticulous attention to detail, inspired by equestrian finesse. By reinterpreting these elements at a larger scale, he successfully enhanced the logo's sophistication while ensuring a sense of boldness.

Bodet looked towards the resurgence of heritage in French and British fashion as a model for Yagya’s logo. This rich vein of tradition, coupled with Yagya's edgy aesthetic, guided him towards a minimalist yet profound design. The introduction of a distinctive monogram served as a bridge, marrying the brand's minimalist roots with a fresh, impactful identity.

Yagya’s foundation in Scandinavian minimalism—with its hallmark simplicity and clean aesthetics—presented a canvas for Bodet to weave in the brand's elevated equestrianism. His dialogue with the Yagya team fueled an adventurous yet respectful approach to the new logo print transformation. Striving for simplicity and elegance, Bodet's design reflects both the sport's noble heritage and the brand's progressive vision.
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"The art of reinvention lies within balancing tradition and innovation."

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Our discussion with Bodet reveals more than just the technicalities of redesigning a new logo print; it uncovers a deep-seated reverence for a brand's history meshed with a bold leap towards its future. Through Bodet's lens, Yagya's logo transcends its visual form, becoming a narrative of evolution, a symbol embracing its legacy while forging a new identity.

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