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The Meaning Of Competition

Our Yagya Riders take a moment to reflect about what really matters when competing.

It's never been about the ribbons.

Competition is not only about competing. It represents a strong bond between horse and rider, fostering growth and communication. It builds up individuals through accomplishments and humbles them through mistakes. It creates a sense of community and ultimately enhances self-worth from within. We asked some of our Yagya Riders to encompass what competition meant to them, condensed into one word. This is what they said.

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Alessandra Volpi

Alessandra Volpi, an American show jumper, embodies the essence of her competition journey with the word "Focus". The previous year brought a multitude of notable firsts for her, and amidst it all, Volpi steadfastly maintained her focus throughout.

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Ashley Vogel

Ashley Vogel, an American show jumper with 12 years of competing experience, embraces competition as a transformative journey, honing her skills in discipline, perseverance, and determination. Ashley describes competition as "devotion".

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Christina O´Brien

Christina O'Brien, a Swedish show jumper with 25 years of global competition experience, deeply appreciates the profound connection she shares with her horses. Christina simply describes showing as "exciting."