High-Rise Compression Breeches

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Extra high-rise compression riding breeches for all disciplines. Sculpting, lightweight and providing optimal movement completed with a zipper and belt loops for a classic look. Features a small zip pocket for keys and minimal seams to reduce friction and keep you comfortable in the saddle. Crafted from an exclusive, lightweight yet durable Italian jersey fiber and sewn in Portugal, Europe. 

  • Belt loops and zipper
  • Fast-drying fabric with UV-protection SPF50
  • Available in both full seat and knee grip
  • Minimal seams for maximal comfort
  • Designed with a hook and eye closure
  • Fits true to size

Model is 5,83”/ 178 cm tall and wears a S

    Product Details


    Crafted with a high waistband and specialized construction, these breeches provide unparalleled sculpting support without sacrificing comfort. Experience a secure and flattering fit, empowering you with both confidence and flexibility.


    Engineered from our advanced Italian Jersey fabric, our High-Rise Compression Breeches ensure exceptional airflow and natural temperature regulation, keeping you cool and composed during the most demanding rides.


    Engineered for maximum stability in the saddle. With an extra-wide waistband, and silicone grip, these breeches remain securely in place, supporting a secure seat under saddle no matter your discipline.

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    A Note From The Design Team

    Representing a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, the High-Rise Compression Breeches offer the perfect combination for riders who appreciate the traditional appeal of a show breech but seek the support of a high-rise fit.

    Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our High-Rise Compression Breeches seamlessly integrate the timeless elegance of belt loops with the contemporary functionality of a high waistband. This fusion of tradition and modernity ensures that riders experience the best of both worlds, catering to their diverse preferences and riding needs.

    Designed to provide unparalleled sculpting support without compromising on comfort, these breeches empower riders with a secure and flattering fit. The specialized construction, coupled with the high waistband, offers a level of confidence and flexibility that enhances performance in the saddle. Engineered from our advanced Italian Jersey fabric, the High-Rise Compression Breeches prioritize breathability and natural temperature regulation. Experience exceptional airflow and comfort, ensuring you remain cool and composed during every ride, no matter the intensity..

    Our High-Rise Compression Breeches embody the perfect harmony of tradition and modernity, providing riders with a versatile and stylish option that caters to their unique preferences and riding style.

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