Supreme Saddle Pad Jump

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Sweat-wicking, anatomically shaped equine Saddle Pad that keeps your horse dry and comfortable throughout your ride. 3D mesh channels provide breathability, and increase circulation. Removable lining simplifies product care, while our girth strap and stop cushions prevent movement or slipping- no matter your discipline. Cut from a recycled nylon.

  • Moisture-wicking removable lining
  • 3D mesh channel for increased circulation
  • Quick drying
  • Girth strap keeps the saddle pad in place

Product Details


Specially designed to keep your horse dry and comfortable throughout your ride. It features a sweat-wicking mechanism that helps to absorb moisture, ensuring your horse stays dry even during intense training sessions.

Enhanced Airflow

With 3D mesh channels integrated into the design, this saddle pad offers excellent breathability and increased circulation. This feature helps to prevent overheating and keep your horse cool, promoting optimal comfort and performance.


The Supreme Saddle Pad is equipped with a girth strap and stop cushions, specifically designed to prevent movement and slipping. This ensures that the saddle pad stays securely in place, providing stability during your rides, regardless of the discipline you engage in.

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A Note From The Design Team

It's about the horse. It always has been and always will be. Any equestrian knows this. That's why the horse was at the forefront of the creation of our Supreme Saddle Pad.

The Supreme Saddle Pad is a culmination of careful design and attention to detail, aimed at providing ultimate comfort and performance for both you and your horse. We understand the importance of keeping your equine partner dry and comfortable, regardless of the intensity or duration of your ride. That's why we included a sweat-wicking feature in this saddle pad.

With its moisture-wicking removable lining, you can now bid farewell to the discomfort caused by excess moisture, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable ride every time. Additionally, we incorporated 3D mesh channels into the Supreme Saddle Pad Jump. These channels not only enhance air circulation but also increase blood flow, keeping your horse cool and promoting peak performance.

Embrace the supreme comfort and functionality of the Supreme Saddle Pad Jump- your horse deserves nothing less.

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